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I'm an editor who believes that stories have the power to inspire, entertain, and transform people. Before I published my own novel, I worked for a literary agency and an independent press.Some of the projects I've edited have been published by Booktrope, Pink Fish Press, and Lyons Press. 

Nonfiction Authors:
I’m looking for books that make people think and may even make them uncomfortable. My favorite topics are sexuality, religion, art, and sociology. I help authors create, develop, and tailor content to fit their target audience and realize their own unique vision. In memoir for example, I enjoy helping authors define events in a larger context, as well as working with concrete details and vivid imagery to bring past events into focus. 

Fiction Authors:
I think a novel's first few drafts are something a writer should work through on their own without any interference from readers, editors, or publishers. It's an opportunity to explore tangents, make mistakes, and discover what your book is really about. Some of the best ideas come when an author isn't worried about pleasing other people. And readers, editors, and publishers can complicate things by pulling a writer in very different directions. Because of this, I only work on novels that are finished drafts, so if you're looking for an editor to coach you through the writing process, I'm probably not a good fit for you. I do, however, know many editors who might be, so feel free to contact me for recommendations. 

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