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Writing Community:

Priscilla Long: Author of The Writer’s Portable Mentor-the best book I own on writing.

Bharti Kirchner: Novel and short story writer. Her classes on Short Story writing were the best at the 2010 PNWA Conference. 

Adrian Magnuson
: The next Richard Russo. Author of Taking Flight, a book that has been important to me on several levels.

Katie Flanagan: Up and coming, and someone to watch. She also blogs on the publishing industry and her experience as an agent intern.

Loretta Matson: Fiction writer who also edits and takes wonderful pictures. She redesigned my website and business card and I’ve gotten compliments on both.

Terry Persun: Inspires me to be a better writer and person.

Renda Dodge: Pink Fish Press Managing Owner, Line Zero Managing Editor, and Nanowrimo Municipal Liason for Seattle. Keeps me motivated.

Cindy Hurn
: Wonderful writer and poet. The closest thing I have come to Janet Fitch in the real world.

National Novel Writing Month                    Whidbey Island Writer’s Association 
Just Write                                                    Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association


The Charlie Rose Interview

Vanity Fair Article on Publishing

Marc Polonsky: Writing teacher for many years, coach, editor , and author of the The Poetry Reader’s Toolkit.

Kate Braverman: Found this writer’s boot camp video on the internet. Wow. 
Laurie McleanA very cool agent with the most up to date commentary on the state of publishing.

Straight, Inc.

 A Clockwork Straight: This was put together by an outraged parent. His son was in the same facility I was in.

 Pathway Family Center : The best single page with links to other sites relating to Straight, The Seed, and all the programs that have come after them.         

The Seed Insider’s View:  Straight came after The Seed, but the experience is remarkably similar. I hope one day to be able to write this well about the experience.               

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