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Small Press Resources

 If you haven't been published in the small press yet, it's most likely because you haven't spent enough money on postage.

        --Terry Persun, Guidebook for Working With Small Independent Publishers

Where to Look for Presses

Online listings can be found at Poets and Writers, The Independent Book Publishers Association and The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses.

Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents 

2013 Writer’s Market 

How to Submit

Go to the website and follow the guidelines for submission. Some have forms to fill in, some would rather have materials emailed. In most cases they do not want paper copies. Follow ALL directions. Be mindful of their time; it takes an enormous amount just to deal with submissions in many cases. 

More to Consider

Booktrope CMO Catherine Sears on the small press option. This is a detailed article that discusses Booktrope’s model but also gives insight into the many angles to consider.

Guidebook for Working With Small Independent Publishers by Terry Persun. This book is an excellent introduction to this discussion. It is a small book--no frills--but you get what you need.

Kevin Sampsell on starting a micro-press. It is important to understand that the people behind these operations are human, fallible, time strapped and have life altering events just as often as the next person. Consider this when looking at how many books the press has put out, how often and how likely they are to be responsive to your submission, and your concerns thereafter.

Vanity Fair's How a Book is Born: The Making of The Art of Fielding. This essay follows one book through the traditional publishing process. Along the way you will see why publishing has been so revolutionized by POD technology and why small presses are able to be more flexible.

Presses to Watch

Akashic BooksCinco Puntos Press, Jaded Ibis,  Skyhorse Publishing, Coffeetown Press, Pink Fish Press, Two Dollar Radio, Booktrope Publishing

*These are not necessarily the best places to submit your work. I post these to give you an idea of what is out there. It will be up to you to find the best fit. Remember the beauty of the small press option is the incredible number of possibilities!


In this clip from my book launch, Catherine Sears and I both talk about why different is a good thing and how Booktrope strives to find a place for those of us who don’t exactly fit.  

Booked Episode #89. A cautionary tale follows the book review. The tale begins at minute 43 and concerns a publisher who had three different imprints. One of his former authors calls in to give more information.  

Perfect Edge Books founder Phil Jourdan defends Andrez Bergen's novel One Hundred Years of Vicissitude. This is an extreme example of what one press owner will do to defend his author's work.

Coming Soon!

Interview with Renda Dodge of Pink Fish Press

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